Patient Portal

Introducing your patient portal. Take the headache out of managing your healthcare.

Enter the Patient Portal

The Portal Lets You

1. Access your medical record
2. Make updates to your demographic information
3. View your prior visit information
4. See your current medication list
5. Make medication refill requests*
6. See laboratory and radiology results
7. You may request a referral to see a specialist
8. Pay Your Bill

Why do we use the portal?

Reflect: Pain, Addiction, & Mental Health is committed to providing our patients with information regarding their medical care in a personalized, convenient and timely manner.
*Prescription refill requests will take up to 48 hours to process. The fastest way to receive your prescription refill is to have your pharmacy make the refill request directly to our office.

Talk to your Doc

In addition, your provider will communicate with you via this portal to relay results of laboratory tests, radiologic studies and other valuable instructive information.
In order to begin using your portal you will need to provide us with your email address. At that time you will be given a username and password. The first time you use this site, you will be allowed to create your own security password. You will be notified to go to your patient portal by an email from Reflect: Pain, Addiction, & Mental Health

A Secure Platform

This is a secure site. Should you ever have difficulty with this process, please call our office and someone will either reset your password or assist you with the process.
We are very hopeful that you will find this site to be useful and informative. By using this technology, we can provide you with timely and important information regarding your health care. Please note that we will make every attempt to contact you by telephone if there is an urge